Choose Love 


Hi there Beautiful Soul, 

I have been thinking about a perfect topic to talk about for my first blog entry for weeks now. Somehow nothing I came up with felt right at the time, so I trusted that my Guides and Angels would lead me to the subject I’m supposed to talk about and share my thoughts with you! And as expected I was confronted with it a few days ago – it got me thinking and then I knew I had to talk about it. The subject I’m referring to is „choosing love“.
We all know how life can get frustrating at times and that, no matter how connected to the Universe we feel that day, no matter how long we meditated that morning or simply how good we feel about ourselves – life happens. We get conflicted, stressed, annoyed, tired and ungrounded. Often times, if you’re very sensitive like me you pick up on other people’s feelings and energies as well. When you pick up on their vibes you do not necessarily pick up the good ones, a lot of times you pick up on the negative vibes as well, and what happens then? You feel drained and the good mojo you build up through meditation that morning gets sucked right out of you!

No matter what your situation is, what I’m trying to say is, we all get into a bad mood sometimes and it’s hard to keep the positive outlook and good vibes up when all you want to do is go home curle up in your super soft favorite blanket and disconnect from the physical world around you. In my case (what led me to writing about this topic) dealing with negative or stressed people, who aren’t feeling good themselves either and dumping their heavy load of emotions on you is something that – at least for me – makes it extremely hard to function from a place of love and light. We get hold up by negative thoughts and by doing so we slowly but steadily disconnect ourselves further from our Higher Self. The Ego takes over without us even noticing and suddenly we are being confronted with negative self talk, we are tired, drained and oh so ungrounded. And of course we all heard of ways to protect our energy throughout the day by visualization, wearing certain crystals like Black Tourmaline (my personal favorite when it comes to protection) or putting on some essential oil to keep that energy field of ours guarded. Don’t get me wrong – these are some bad ass steps to take when it comes to protecting your aura but my point is, there seem to be those days when even those little helpers won’t be enough – you know what I’m saying?

So what do I do then? – you might ask. Well, obviously everybody is different and I can only share with you what is helpful for me, but I found myself getting so frustrated that I was feeling extremely off that day. I thought to myself that I needed to fix this, because I could feel myself becoming disconnected from my Higher Self. Thankfully, I was in the situation to take a step back and do a little meditation. While I was laying down and focusing on the white light shining down on me I could here a voice in my mind. It said: „Choose love“. I took a few deep breaths and tried to not let my mind wander to ten tausend places at once, because I wanted to be still and ground myself, but I couldn’t let those two words pass my mind. CHOOSE LOVE – how true and pure those two words where and they turned out to be the answer I was looking for. Choosing love suddenly turned from words into a feeling for me. I though about how choosing to see any situation from a place of love was such a pure and light way of keeping your connection to the Universe and your Higher Self up and running in any situation, instead of letting the Ego take over. How could you allow negative thoughts to even enter your mind, when you are choosing to act from a place of love? Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t get frustrated but I feel like the problem isn’t what you feel, it’s more how you let these feelings affect you and how you choose to pursue the rest of your day afterwards. Obviously we can’t turn off our magical feelings button and just don’t feel any negative emotion at all. The secret lies within how we adjust from feeling what we are feeling. When I get stressed it is hard to just flip a switch and be relaxed again, but what I can do is the following. I can find the calmest place possible at this situation and take a few deep breaths, before laying my hands on my heart and connecting to my Higher Self and calling upon my Spirit Guides and Angels for help as well. Then I ask myself if there is anything I could do at that very second to not be stressed. Am I in control or do I have to roll with it? Most times I can’t do anything to change that feeling, so I choose love – that’s something I can do in any situation, at any time and in any place. We can’t control the physical world and the people around us, but we can control our inner world and the way we see things. I choose love and I choose to not let myself be filled with negative emotions. I can’t change a persons mood, but I can change the way I let myself get affected by the bad mood of this person for example. You see what I’m saying here? The truest form of all is always love and the funny thing is that when you change the energy for yourself in a negative, stressful or frustrating situation, often times the energy of the whole situation will start to shift for the better. Be the change of energy, make a difference, CHOOSE LOVE.

Sending you Love & Light ✨,


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