Self-Care At This Time Of Year

Hi there beautiful soul,

First of all, let me start by saying how in love I am with the Crystal Angel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue! It’s purple, it sparkles, the energy is strong and it’s beautifully illustrated (I believe the artwork is by Marius Michael-George) – what more could you possibly ask for from a deck of cards???

I recently purchased this for myself and now I can’t keep my hands off of it.

But anyway, what I was going to talk about is one specific card that came up a lot recently and the timing is perfect, so obviously I wanted to spread the message, because I feel like a lot of us need this lovely divine reminder right now.

As Christmas is almost around the corner things can get crazy real fast. There’s parties, other type of gatherings, time with loved ones, shopping for gifts to give this holiday season, cookies and … oh yes … of course the usual everyday life as well! It’s easy to get stressed and get caught up in all of this. But shouldn’t be Christmas the most magical time of year? I don’t know anybody that ever said how relaxing and smoothly this time of year is going for them. But then again, shouldn’t it be?

Let’s talk about the message this beautiful card I pulled is telling us. Busy times and multitasking – ring any bells? You know you’re guilty and you’re probably checking your calendar for a free spot next week as we speak. The angels have chose this card because we all need to be reminded of how important it is to just BREATH! While it’s lovely that you are planning to meet up with your friends and your co-workers on the same day, while squeezing in a little Christmas Shopping in-between there as well, you have to give yourself time to relax and actually enjoy this time of year. Of course this is not exactly easy to do, but it’s not impossible either. The key lays in making sure that your own needs are met. Do you feel like staying home, drinking tea and cozying up on the sofa while watching your favorite movie? Do it!

Also, get to the bottom of why you are stressed in the first place. For example, do you feel obligated to go to this gathering or do you actually want to because you can’t wait to see everyone there. Do you have to go to the busy mall after work, or can you find what you are looking for online as well? Do you have to cook dinner by yourself for everybody, or would it be easier to ask for help?

It’s these small changes that could make your life easier and less stressful. You are being asked to recognize the purpose of your stress factor and to judge it’s importance. We often forget about ourselves, because we feel the need to please others. Putting others before ourselves is a common thing, because putting yourself first isn’t right. Wrong! This misconception is a crucial thing in the practice of self-love. If you always put other people’s needs first, someday you will be running slow on energy and you will simply not be able to give the person in front of you a hundred percent of your attention and love. Of course you shouldn’t worry about the feelings of others by always putting your needs first. What I am saying is, that it’s all about COMPROMISE! All your guides and angels are asking of you is to look after yourself and say no when you feel like resting or doing something for yourself.

With that being said, I’m wishing you a joyful Holiday Season full of love and light, whatever it is that you are celebrating!

Many Blessings ✨,


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