What To Do When You’re Stressing About Life

Hi there beautiful soul,

welcome to a new year! Yes, 2018 has officially begun and with it comes a new energy. I’ve been using the energy recently to consciously write down my intentions, but not for the whole year, as I feel like this comes with a certain kind of pressure and lack of structure. So what I’ve been doing, is writing down the intention for the month ahead. What is it that I want to focus on this month? What are my goals? What do I want to work on? How can I grow this month? I sit with these thoughts and I write them down and with each word I’m bringing onto paper, I’m putting the intention into it as well. I’m not only writing my wishes – I’m consciously manifesting! And after the month has come to pass, I’m coming back to my list and I’m meditating on it for a bit, before writing down, what I achieved and what I’ve been learning during this short span of time. Somehow, this is seriously therapeutic to me and I’m finding myself being motivated and active because of it.

This is actually leading me to the topic I want to share with you today. I’ve been asking my guides and angels for a topic to talk to you about and my spiritual team sure did not disappoint at all you guys! By the picture above, you can already tell a bit about what’s going on and I’m here to dive more into what I’ve been receiving as a message for us all. Like I mentioned my little monthly manifestation list, the purpose behind it is popular especially during the beginning of a new year: setting goals! It almost feels like we’re being pressured into coming up with new year’s resolutions. And by being confronted with this idea, not only do we feel pushed to make some drastic changes happen, we also start thinking and I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about. There’s really no chance to freak out about not being where we thought we’d be by now at any random time during the year, right … well accept maybe on our birthdays … but other than that, most of the time we don’t suddenly get hit with this stressful need to accomplish some major goal. But when the new year comes around it hits us … “Another year is over and I still haven’t gotten to ___(insert major life event)___!” Well damn. Sh*t got real real fast all of a sudden!

I’ve been thinking about this and the message I’ve been receiving is “Just do you!” and it’s true. There is no need in comparing ourselves with others – not our friends, family or people we look up to. Each and everyone of us is different and you have your own unique way of moving along on your life path than the next person. You might be feeling lost or stressed right now. Maybe you feel bad for not being where you’d thought you’d be by the time last year, or maybe you feel confused, because you couldn’t think of a resolution for this year and might be asking yourself why this is. No matter what your situation is, all you’ve got to do for now is relax. Yes, take a step back from stressing out or making your head hurt from all it is you have to achieve these upcoming months. Instead, make a deal with yourself to show up every morning and promise to do your best and that is all you can do today. Really be present each day, without worrying about what it is that you need to accomplish, all this is doing is probably holding you back. Find the balance in everyday and do what feels right, without worrying if it is enough, or if it will bring you far enough. You might want to try little baby steps and build upon them. For me setting intentions for each month instead of the whole year at once is a great way of staying motivated and with the eye on the prize if you will. I also feel like we grow so much within a year, if we do it right. I couldn’t possibly know if the goal I’m setting for the year will still fit me in 6 months. I invite you to try this as well, focus on each month and see your accomplishments after just 28 to 31 days and let this be your guidance and motivation.

Let’s be honest, we can motivate ourselves far better by seeing results come in and when you’re feeling upbeat and your vibrations are high, life gets better and more magical in so many ways. Joy really is the ultimate creator! This beautiful card above, which I pulled for you is saying it right. Be happy with where you are and how things are going, because – like I said – all you can give for each day is the promise to show up and do your best.

I’d love to hear what your intentions for this month are – feel free to share them in the comment section below!

Many Blessings ✨,


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