✨ Let Your Soul Shine ✨

Hey there beautiful soul,

I’ve been connecting with spirit today, asking for messages to share with you. As always, messages full of light and love came through for all of us and I feel like there is a reason for why this specific issue is coming through for us right now.

Today’s topic is about letting your soul shine and doing what makes you happy by setting yourself free. This goes out to all of you, who are unhappy with something in your life right now, or for those who feel like something is missing – it all comes down to one thing: you’re not fully happy. By not living up to your full potential, you’re withholding so much light you were meant to share with your soul and the world. So what is it that’s dimming your light? I invite you to take a few deep breaths, try to clear your mind as best as you can right now and think about something that is taking away your light. Maybe something happened today, a few days ago or maybe it’s something that’s constantly present in your life. Whatever it is I want you to hold on to it and put it in a box in your mind. Close the box and set it aside – you’re going to need it later.

Life and what you make of it is a beautiful thing, but holding on to fear and negativity is most certainly holding you back from living the life you wish you’d have. Some of you may know a way to get rid of what’s feeding off of your happiness, but are too scared to take a bigger step out of your comfort zone. And some of you may be feeling desperate for a little guidance and a gentle push into the right direction. The thing about making these big positive changes in your life is that we stop believing that things might actually get better. Often times we fall into this daily routine and feeling unhappy or not fulfilled is just as much as a part of it as taking a shower. I remember when I felt like this during a time of my life. I thought it just had to be that way and if it was indeed possible to get the life we dream of, everybody in the world would be happy. This thought held me back for way too long and my light was far away from shining bright. Some time went by and I thought that I just couldn’t take it any longer. One day I decided for myself, that I was done feeling miserable and that something is missing. Nothing good came from waiting around for a better life to magically appear one day, so I suddenly felt brave enough to make a life changing decision, which I thought I would never have the guts to do. This decision I made on that day has changed my life to such an amazing extent and I wouldn’t be where I am right now, if I hadn’t done it. I want you to think, really think wholeheartedly for a second, about what it is that you could change in your life right now in order to feel happier and more fulfilled and closer to where you wish you’d be or to how you’d wish your life was. If you want to, you can meditate on that thought and come back to reading this later, or maybe you already know what needs to be done.

I want you to go back to your box that you set aside earlier. Don’t open it, just lift it up and take it with you. Feel the weight of the box. Feel how heavy that burden is that you carry around on a daily basis and feel how light you feel with this burden shoved in this box outside of your body and soul. Take a deep breath and really try to visualize this to such an extent that you can feel your lightness. Now, imagine yourself on a cliff by a beautiful ocean, with your box next to you. Make a promise to yourself to keep this lightness and positive feeling without this burden on your shoulder. Look into the sea and feel the calmness with each wave. Take your box and throw it into the water and watch it sink peacefully to the bottom of the ocean. Let this visualization help you find the courage and the motivation to hold on to that promise and to work towards a change you need to make in order to keep it. Close the door behind you – finally – and move on empowered and enlightened. It’s time to start fresh and to allow your soul to shine brighter than it has ever before!

Sending you Love & Light ✨,


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