Free Yourself From Unnecessary Drama In Your Relationships

Hey there beautiful soul,


I hope you’re doing amazing! As February is coming to an end soon, looking back on this month and reflecting on what we felt and what happened, most of you probably got confronted with love and relationships due to Valentine’s Day. No matter if you’re in a relationship or not, you share love on a daily basis with your family and friends – basically all who are close to your heart. As much as relationships are a beautiful thing, things can get difficult sometimes. Emotions run high and things get said. This is the topic I felt compelled to share with you today, as we all can need a little help from the Universe on how to deal with the down’s as it comes to sharing love.

So many factors play a big role in our current emotional state. Sometimes you just know it’s going to be a bad day before you even had your morning coffee yet, other times little things build up during the day and you get home in the evening and feel emotionally and even physically drained and other days you just feel emotionally charged for no reason. Also there are those of us (like myself), who are very sensitive and emotional as is and you tend to pick up on other people’s energies a lot.

Basically, there are a ton of factors, which influence your mood and no matter how you feel, you have to interact with others and that includes your partner, friends, family – or at least one of them. If you’re having a good day and all feels light and great, you have a whole lot of positive vibes and getting into an argument is way less likely to happen during this state. But this is not what we’re going to talk about here. Instead, let’s shine some light on what happens when we get into fights, disagreements, feel off with one of your loved ones or when you’re annoyed with someone who you love deeply.

I was guided to talk about this, because I feel like the general perception of this topic is negative, while it’s just part of a relationship – to a healthy extend of course. Maintaining a good balance is key here but it’s definitely.

When drama arises it’s easy to let the negativity feed off of you and that’s when it gets worse. The cards I drew today regarding this topic are simply beautiful and they help deliver a guiding message: work close together with your loved ones and don’t let the existing drama take over your emotional state. Be a clear channel for love and expressing your feelings! When we move into our hearts and accept that we come from a place of love and light, drama and negativity have no place in our life and especially not in our relationships! When we take on this belief, we become immune to getting sucked into communicating negatively in our relationships. Of course it’s easier to give into the drama and to defend yourself and to confront the other person – but what happens when you do this? You feed off of each others charged emotional state and before you know it, you’re having a fight, that none of you really wanted in the first place. To prevent this from happening, all you need to do is surrender the drama. Don’t feel like you have to defend yourself, instead put your effort into easing the situation by taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that you’re coming from a place of love. Remain calm and don’t let things get to your head. When you stay centered it’s way easier to ease the situation you’re in.

You’ll find that when you work against the drama by bringing in more understanding and love – both, you and your loved ones will be left feeling stronger and more connected afterwards!

Remember that it’s all about love and it’s on you to be a clear channel on what you put into your relationship with others and what is best to leave out!

Sending you Love & Light ✨,


3 thoughts on “Free Yourself From Unnecessary Drama In Your Relationships

  1. This designated so deeply in many ways!! I’m living in this daily & its exhausting & can take a tole on the spirit and joys in life!! I read this with tears knowing iNeeded to read this today & in fact everyday! ❤️


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