Living With A Negative Person?

Hi there Beautiful Soul,


A few weeks ago, I got a message from one of you on Instagram with a question. I love getting those by the way, so please feel free to stop by and ask me and I will do my best to answer them. Usually when I get questions like that I try to get back to that person within a few days, but this one specific question hit me on a personal level. I asked the person if it would be okay, if I answered this in the form of a blog entry and gladly this person loved the idea!


The question was: “How do I protect myself, keep going when I live with a negative, (…), person? Any visualizations you can recommend , anything else to help me keep going.”


This is a tough question, but more so it’s a tough living situation, which I am familiar with. In this field, people mostly recommend one thing when it comes to negative people: stay away from them. They tell you to cut out negative people that suck out your energy, and while in most cases this is great advice, those who are packed in a home, work or school environment with such a person can’t do that so easily. If you have a negative co-worker or boss, you can’t just cut them out of your life, because you have to deal with them on a daily basis, unless you’re willing to quit your job. And if you live with such a person, things are even more tricky, because negative energy has a way of polluting the whole air of the person giving it off. Usually, your home, or at least your room is like your sanctuary. No matter how hard your day was, how exhausted you are, or how bad you feel, this is your place to come home to. But if you’re dealing with negativity like that 24/7, not only is it hard to get by like that, it will also take a toll on your health after some time, especially if you’re a sensitive person. Now, this is hard to deal with emotionally too, because if you’re constantly dealing with a person that is negative in many was, like being angry, judging you or/and others, being passive aggressive, constantly in a bad mood, etc. – it’s hard to keep a positive mindset going, no matter how positive of a person you are at heart. And with that starts a new challenge: you start to notice that your own attitude changes. Your mood gets pulled down, you’re not having as much fun as you used to – basically life becomes negative for you too. It’s a vicious circle and it seems hopeless to get out of it.

So what can you do to keep going and to not get dragged down this hole of negativity yourself? Of course, the first thing I would recommend is getting out of there, but often times this can’t be done, so what else can you do?


There are a few aspects that I would recommend trying:


  • Protect your energy

Shielding yourself from negativity is essential. Imagine yourself being wrapped in a bubble of white, protective light warding you against the black smoke of negativity coming towards you.


  • Calling upon your Spirit Guides & Angels

Whether you believe in them or not, your spiritual team is always there with you and they are here to assist you in this lifetime. They are big fans of free will, so they will mostly offer their help once you call upon them and ask them to help you. I always imagine that they are sitting down with me like a big supportive group of friends, when I call them. Just talk to them the way you feel comfortable with, this can be out loud or just in thought, both ways work just fine.


  • Crystals

If you haven’t already noticed I’m a big fan of crystals! They are my weakness. I believe, when choosing wisely, they can be a great asset in any area of your life where you need extra help with, as well as your overall well-being. In this specific case I would recommend using Black Tourmaline (raw, unpolished – if possible, unless a different one speaks to you more, than please feel free to use that. Always choose the one that you feel most drawn to!) as a pendant around your neck, preferably wearing it in the position of your Heart Chakra, which is where all these nasty negative emotions are, that you need to get rid off and protect yourself from.


  • Strong Mindset

Don’t let things get to you and change who you are. For years, I felt like having to keep my emotions to myself and holding my tears in, because showing emotions would be a sign of weakness, and I wanted to be and feel as strong as possible. Choose the right people to talk to about this and tell them what you are going through. This will help you release these emotions.


  • Get Help

There are so many therapists and coaches out there. Don’t be afraid to get help, because often times it can be such a freeing experience to talk to a person outside of this situation and getting new insights and ideas on how to deal with this.


  • Reiki

This form of alternative healing can be beneficial in lots of ways. Getting your Chakras cleared from time to time or on a regular basis can be a great way of releasing emotional blocks from your body and soul. If you can’t afford to go to a Reiki Practitioner, why not learn some Reiki Healing basics yourself. There are tons of online courses for an affordable price out there as well.


  • Meditation

This can be a great way of helping you calming your mind and emotions. This type of stillness is so important to keep your energy high. Try to incorporate meditation into your life, even if it’s “only” 5 minutes before you go to sleep.


  • Connect to Mother Nature

Go outside into nature as often as possible. There’s a small lake near my house and to me it’s just such a magical place. Whenever I feel stressed, or when I’m in a bad mood I go there and it instantly feels like a weight is being lifted off my shoulders. If you feel un-grounded, a special trick I learned is to imagine there are roots growing out of you feet and with every step you take you feel yourself becoming one with earth. Try it!


  • Surround Yourself With Positivity

To balance out the negativity in your home/life you want to surround yourself with positivity every chance you get. Spend time with people that make you feel good and optimistic, because you don’t need more negative people in your life. Be careful who you share your energy with!


  • Find An Outlet For Your Emotions

It’s important to find a way to release the negativity that you absorb or create yourself as a result of it. You might want to try writing down your thoughts, drawing your emotions, singing your heart out – whatever feels emotionally freeing to you. You don’t have to be an artist to do any of that by the way, because you’re doing it for you!


So yes, these are the things I would recommend looking into. I hope you find this helpful and try some of these things!

Let me know what you think! Are you in a similar situation? Did you go through something like this?


Sending you Love & Light ✨,


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